Bendr Magazine

Butterflies drenching in the winter rain,

Frostbites instead of hickeys on necks,

Instead of collars there are chains of shame,

Blades of pronouns and words that bleeds,

The sweet taste of Mangoes and Rambutans,

Reminds me of the time I came out from my pupae,

To live on the bosoms of tulip and lavender,

I searched for its pollen full of lies and deceptions in dollar stores,

Hoping to find a packet for discount,

To be Butterflies, flying in the winter rain,

To drench in the chains of shame but yet flap its wings,

Live so fearlessly,

Promising sunshine will come by,

Promising the chains of shame would rust with time.


A lesbian spoken-word poet based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently performing at fortnightly poetry readings in “Ronnies Blue Bar - Spoken Word” Melbourne's home of hip-hop. ​